Sunday, September 12, 2021

reviewed her last observation

Melody shared another double star observing log page.

She said it took two early mornings to observe the B star... "very tiny, couldn’t see any colour..." Kept checking if she was on the right target.

I reviewed her notes and sketch for ρ (rho) Orionis, cross-checking in Stellarium on my Mom's Macintosh. Too bad SkySafari does not show it! Sheesh.

She got it!

At 40 degrees elevation, she viewed through 2 air masses. That said, the target at 45 degrees was about has high as it would ever get, for us.

The main issue with the dim companion star is that it is 4 magnitudes dimmer than A. So the primary star would overwhelm the view.

I also felt she tagged the C star in her sketch but pointed out it was the first one, not the second one, to the south-east.

It is a challenging target.

She made a remark about whether it would be visible in a small 'scope. I took that to heart. I only observation had been with a C14. I'd try with my 90mm later...

Her last required observation!


Checked the view in SkyTools.

rho Orionis as shown in SkyTools 4 Pro

All good.

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