Tuesday, August 03, 2021

noted an occultation

Spotted the occultation event in my calendar, set for 10:40 PM.

The Sigrid occultation. At 4 Aug 2021, 01:56 UT. It had a rank of 56. Asteroid (1493) Sigrid at magnitude 15.1 was to block star UCAC4 318-128760, mag 10.3. A north-south path on the globe, eastern USA and into South America. The predicted mag drop 4.8! Estimated maximum duration [s]: 15.5. 

The Moon would be 18% sunlit and 173° distant. The Sun: 136° distant.

An easy one in many respects.

But the star was in Sagittarius. Hmmm. That meant it would be low. Probably not visible to me...

I looked up UCAC4 318-128760. That was the new Gaia designation. I found the mag 10 star by RA/Dec in SkyTools. GSC 06836-0401. 

Made a note to check the sky a little before 10 PM.


Still looking for a dead-simple one that flies right overhead.

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