Sunday, August 08, 2021

did some chores

Maintenance weekend at the Carr observatory, primarily. But I had a bunch of other little things to do. Wanted to help Don S with his orientation so he can go up on his own. The grass needed to be cut - it's growing fast. I had the repaired (under warranty) computer for the Geoff Brown Observatory, the mount control machine. I had done a bunch of the prep but it still needed to be physically installed with a few final in-situ configuration items. Brought up the red film to cut a piece sized for the spare wide screen monitor in the Warm Room. Helped other members with their orientation. Located a security system sensor for Tony and copied the instructions for his pre-reading. Made signage for the GBO windows. Made a sign for the water utilities closet to clarify operations for members. Reconfigured some of the house lights. Corrected the drainage problem with the GBO dehumidifier. Scanned the WLAN and monitor internet performance. Overall, a fair weekend. Tiring.

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