Friday, August 06, 2021

couldn't use app

Got settled finally at the observatory.

Had a look at the phone. Sheesh. SkySafari still appeared to be downloading the "additional file." Nearly 48 hours stuck on this message...

Wanted to check for some astronomical event.

I opened the SkySafari app. I forget exactly what it said but it was along the lines, file transfer in progress or please complete the download. Should have taken another screen snap. Regardless, I could not clear the message or pause or cancel the download.

Oh. So now the software was unusable while this condition existed.

That was really bad. 

Now I could not use the app for astronomy.

The programmers are NOT thinking! Such poor programming practices.

Out of frustration, I killed all running processes on the phone. I thought about rebooting the phone. You know, I shouldn't have to do this.

Restarted SkySafari. Functional again, it seemed. But now I wondered, were the updates applied? Was it done? Did the "additional file" ever make it? Did the failed update corrupt data? Would the update process restart? 

I had no way of knowing. In the dark. 

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