Wednesday, August 18, 2021

learned of reticule EOI

While scanning the double stars forum on Cloudy Nights, I spotted a new note on my thread on the badder planetarium Micro Guide.

Apparently, baader was asking people if they would purchase a reticule eyepiece. They had an "important" note on their web site and they are asking people to indicate their expression of interest.

... [with] the development of astro-electronics, the demand for this eyepiece has decreased over the decades to very small numbers.  Only very few observers nowadays still measure with the eye or show their students how to measure at the eyepiece and even fewer perform manual guiding with such a high quality eyepiece.  Therefore, production can only be resumed if there is a significant demand.  If you are seriously interested in this eyepiece... sign up at our Micro Guide notification list...

See the product page for the note and how to follow up with the company.

I told Melody.

I will put a note on the RASC forums.

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