Saturday, July 18, 2020

would have been

I guess today would have been the awards, open house, and picnic. Last year at the DDO; would have been back at the CAO. Kites, rockets, nature hikes, campfire, big meat barbecue! Day and night observing. Looks like a lovely day. Missing my astronomy friends...


Unknown said...

Like your blog. I have one Edmunds 6" and three Criterion 6". Am addicted to them! I lusted for them as a young teenager in late 1960's, gotta have them. I have a 6" f/10 refractor on an edmund mount, quite good, lens is an A. Jaegers. Love the old scopes. Also a 10" F/5 on a Cave mount, mirror is Edmunds.

Wa Le said...

That would be nice right now. Luckily, we're able to still come together a bit online - but it is not the same.
Look forward to having a Lug Thread with you at the CAO in the future.