Sunday, July 05, 2020

lights in the sky (Bradford)

From the porch we watched the sky darken, saw the bat start its orbits, warded off persistent mosquitoes, and watched the stars slowly appear.

Rhonda noted a bright star, high up, in the east. Vega, no doubt.

Took me a while to clue in that I was seeing the pincer stars of Scorpius, Graffias and Dschubba. Later, squinting, I think I tagged the third member, below. Antares bobbed and weaved behind the nut tree.

Once I figured out the scorpion constellation, I realised the two obvious stars to the right were of my constellation, Libra. The phone app reminded me that Zubenelgenubi is not the lucida; that trait applies to Zubenelschemali, the upper star.

Later, I could see the bottom stars of Ophiuchus.

And we were visited by an inquisitive firefly! Yeh, apropos on International Firefly Day weekend!

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