Thursday, July 02, 2020

posted July 2020 doubles

Sent out my double star "bulletin" for July 2020. It is a short list of suggested targets. I shared this on the RASC Toronto Centre forums. And I post here for everyone.


I hope you enjoy my periodic posts with interesting and fun double stars. I think they are impressive, colourful, and beautiful. I particularly like how they punch through light pollution.

Here's a short selection from my life list. I did not include terribly tight or faint targets.

staralso known asalternate catalogue(s)
HD 106799 CamΣ1625 (Struve)SAO 2009, HIP 59836
HD 150340 HerSTF 2079 (Struve)SAO 84521, HIP 81575
1 BooSTF 1772SAO 82942, HIP 66727
HR 5568 LibH N 28 and 33 LibSAO 183040, HIP 73184
HR 6681 Ser (Cauda)HJ 2814 or HD 163336SAO 160915, HIP 87813

Please consider adding doubles to your observing list. Often they are easy. Occasionally they present some challenges and might require repeat viewing.

I look forward to hearing how you did. Holler if you have any questions.

Blake Nancarrow
astronomy at computer-ease dot com

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