Wednesday, July 01, 2020

cut and sanded

Once again, with Rhonda's awesome 20-inch double parallel-link arm scroll saw, I did more cuttting for the Dobsonian base project. (Continuing from work in May.) Printed my Visio diagram for notes.

Cut the semi-circles in the box side panels. Cut the handle in the box back panel. Cut the pieces away from the ground plate to form the legs. Cut the azimuth bearing in half. Cut the various reinforcement pieces for the box and cradle.

Used the surform to do a bit of shaping.

Fired up the new random orbit sander with 80 grit and had a go at most of the cut surfaces. Spent a bunch of time on the bearings to get rid of irregularities and make them uniform.

Dob base bits

Not shown: counter-top material from Clay. Neither did I grab the wood glue bottle.

A good Canada Day project, on a lovely day.

Wow. I think I'm ready to assemble...


Hockey pucks! Still need 3 of those!

It did occur to me that I'm not sure I picked up enough furniture glides. I bought a 4-pack and that will serve the altitude bearings. But I need three more for the base-ground plate.

And I also need to figure out the box-ground plate bearing.

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