Sunday, March 22, 2020

the morning after

Had some follow-up items from last night...

Tested my hacked KMN lights. They all work fine, more or less, with the external battery packs, powered by my old Duracell rechargeable alkalines (which the Sony audio recorder doesn't like).

Removed the button batteries installed in the standalone KMN lights. Oops.

Tested the button batteries. About 25% were below 1 volt. Ditched 'em.

Opened up Rhonda's LED string light battery pack. Damn it! Battery leak! Two cells were bad and the third was starting to ooze.

Cleaned out the goo with vinegar.

Reprogrammed the Oregon and OneWorld portable weather stations for Daylight Saving Time.

Found an unopened wind sock pack in my FRS/GRMS radio gear but it is too small. Now I have lots of regular foam...

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