Saturday, March 21, 2020

readying for tonight

I'm going into the backyard tonight. Skies are looking good.

Clear Outside chart

Clear Outside is showing green chips from 9:00 PM through midnight.

Good To Stargaze chart

Good To Stargaze shows green chips based on my criteria.

Astrospheric chart

Astrospheric does not paint as rosy a picture with so-so transparency and seeing for the early part of the evening. If I can make it to 11:00 PM, things look pretty good for 2 hours. But then, we're diving toward the dew point...

Just waiting for the Clear Sky Chart to update.

Clear Sky Chart

Currently it looks good after 9.

So I'm going to work alone, access resources online as needed, and be isolated.

What amateur astronomers who find many humans annoying normally do.

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