Monday, March 16, 2020

amazing sky (Bradford)

The sky was amazing. Cloudless and clear. Immediately, from the driveway, I spotted a bright planet in the south-east, off-white, well away from the third-quarter Moon. Too bright for Saturn; must be Jupiter.

During my walk to the GO station, I kept looking. Oh, look at that red point to the west. That's Mars! Three times the distance but to the left was another bright point, same colour as Jupiter, on the ecliptic. But I wasn't sure. SkySafari confirmed it was Saturn.

screen snap from SkySafari showing Saturn, Pluto!, Jupiter, and Mars

Gonna be amazing this year!

Took me a while to get my bearings but when I spotted Cygnus all was well. The Summer Triangle foretelling of Spring. OK, so that meant the bright orange point in the south-east was Antares. I could see Graffias and Dschubba without my glasses but not π (pi) Scorpii. Brilliant Arcturus was in the west. Lovely scene, those three planets.

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