Friday, March 13, 2020

Binary Universe: mount control

That was weird. Went to the RASC national web site and viewed the Journal section and noted the April edition and downloaded it. Hmmm, seemed familiar. After scanning nearly the whole thing, I hit the Binary Universe column. Hold the phone. I submitted that article on long time ago! I finally looked at the footer. April 2019? What the hey? I re-examined the web page. It did not show any of the late 2019 issues nor the February 2020. 'squeeze me? I even performed a filtered search. Oh well. Closed the page, started doing something else... But then thought, let's try that again.

cover of the Apr 2020 Journal of the RASC
This time, as soon as I landed at the Journal section, I saw it was different. All the 2019 editions showed. The Feb 2020 was there. OK. Working as per normal. Bad cache data? "An undigested bit of beef?" Who knows...

Oh ho! And as hoped, the new April 2020 issue was accessible. I downloaded it.

I really enjoyed the Ceravolos front cover image of the Corona Australis Complex and Ron Brecher's California Nebula shot on the inside cover.

I'm looking forward to reading the article on the history of radio astronomy.

In my Binary Universe column I discuss EQMOD. I tested version 2.00 on my Windows 10 environment. The feature-rich suite of tools allows remote computer control of a Sky-Watcher equatorial mount, including guiding. Used with a planetarium app and EQTOUR, in theory, you need not touch the limited, awkward-to-use, frustrating hand controller.

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