Monday, March 23, 2020

inspected table

Discovered a few things about the TV table.

The hook-and-loop tab on the leg armature is gone. Missing. MIA. It probably fell off. The other piece though is safe and sound, still attached to the table top underside. Because it was stapled.

So the fix here is easy. Add some material to the leg piece. Glue it, sure, as before. But staple it down at the ends so it won't go anywhere in the future.

The metal tab? It is not gripping the leg assembly when the legs are opened. It is not obvious why but I suspect, over time, it bent outwards. So it is now not putting any stiction or grabbing force to the leg rod while open.

Solutions here include bending the metal tab and chiselling out the inset area it sits on.

I had wondered about locking the legs into position. But as I examined the side rails and leg assembly, it became clear nothing was possible. Going through the table top was not attractive.

Hold the phone. I noted a hole trough the stop/brace. What? Ah. Someone (a human) had drilled through this brace into the leg assembly before. The trailer coupler latch pin, my square lock pin for keeping the legs closed, could feed through here! It was clear I had run into this issue before...

While this would not offer complete protection, it would resist the legs closing.

Huh. When did I do this? It is a faint dim memory.

In the future, I'll put the latch pin through to resist the legs snapping closed. And I'll dig out some new hook-n-loop material for the leg bar and staple it down this time!

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