Monday, July 01, 2019

fixed the VSS

Fixed SkyTools!

I launched ST3P on the John Max computer while I had a Windows Explorer session open. It was filtering on files edited or modified "today." Files like cc.bin, obs.0004, and dds.bin updated.

Then I opened the Visual Sky Simulation for a particular telescope. Nothing happened. Fine.

I made some panel size changes in the chart display and closed it. Ah ha! Some new files popped up including charts.bin and lastchart.bin.

Over on the John Repeat Dance machine, I found a recent backup folder. Copied out the charts.bin file. Made a backup of the charts.bin in the Documents\SkyTools folder. Replaced the "damaged" charts.bin.

Relaunched ST3P of the portable and opened the telescope chart for the ETX 90mm. It worked! I fixed the damaged VSS display. Whew!

Back in business. And I avoided a dreaded full reinstall...

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