Sunday, July 07, 2019

enjoyed the weekend

We enjoyed a relatively quiet, relaxing weekend at the CAO. That seems in contrast to my last few tours of supervisor duty with huge crowds and some, ah, very keen customers. Also, all visitors were veterans so I didn't need to do rookie tours.

We were able to tackle a bunch of tasks too.
  • I moved the emergency flashlights back to the safety stations
  • I re-powered the dining room computer after someone had monkeyed with the power bar
  • I removed the alcohol left in a public space
  • I installed an A-B video switch box so to permit easy monitoring of the weather/SQM server and surveillance appliance
  • I moved the old CRT (our last one, I think) to the garage
  • Steve brought up the recently purchased video cable 
  • Steve deployed the new donated monitors in the SLO
  • he brought the previously-used wide screen monitor to the dining room computer
  • I installed an information sticker indicating the power switch for dining room computer
  • I installed an information sticker indicating the power switch for the GBO monitor
  • I installed information stickers to the SLO UPS
  • I put a piece of red film over the new stove's green LED clock
  • I also put red film over green LED on GBO UPS
  • and red film on the new GBO router
  • I loaded member images from the SLO to various computers
  • retrieved a mouse pad from the old GBO laptop bag
  • I washed the dining room computer mouse pad
  • I installed the SQM UDM software to the server and verified operations overnight
  • Steve and I inspected the east window
  • Steve and I reviewed the StarAdventurer equipment
  • I checked the clamp bolts on north deck umbrella receivers
  • Steve reviewed SLO operations
  • Steve deployed some new signage in the SLO
  • I performed a WLAN scan
  • Steve and I reviewed how to reboot the UPS units downstairs and in the SLO
  • Steve and I moved the main router to a battery-backed outlet
  • Steve and I monitored the generator exercise cycle
  • I tried the donated 35mm eyepiece
  • I created a proper limited user account on the Linux machine
  • I formally installed Stellarium to the Linux machine
  • I took the custom solar filter off the Oberwerk binos
  • I installed the High Contrast theme to the GBO Chrome browser
  • I updated the weekend "supers" presentation on the Dell laptop and let it run
  • for Phil, I replaced the ceiling tiles in the Orion room
  • I measured all the wide screen monitors
  • I moved a spare flat-screen to the GBO for laptop users
  • I disabled the peer-to-peer updating on the SLO Windows 10 machine
  • I set the SLO Win 10 computer to use dark mode
  • I installed a dark astronomical theme to Chrome on SLO
  • I moved all red film to the GBO cupboard
  • I inspected the Walker 8-inch Dobsonian and demonstrated its use
  • Steve offered tours of the SLO to various members
  • I verified FOV settings in TheSkyX in the GBO
  • Steve and I determined how to access the BIOS of the SLO computer
  • Steve and I set the SLO BIOS to reboot after power restoration
  • and finally got the donated hp laser printer on the Linux machine!
Felt good.

And I got some hammock time!

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