Wednesday, July 31, 2019

aimed at Abell 2151 (Blue Mountains)

Wanted to try the SLO system. Risa and I worked through the steps together. I considered a unique target and selected ACO or Abell 2151, a super-cluster in Hercules.

super cluster Abell 2151

Canon 40D (not modified), GSO RC 8, f/8. Guided. 600 seconds, daylight, ISO 1600, RAW. Manually focused, Bahitov mask, Backyard EOS. Image shown is a single frame, no stacking, no significant processing. North is right, east is up.

Stoopid plane.

This is just a portion of the galaxy cluster in Hercules, with NGC 6047 near the centre of the frame.


Was almost scuppered. I dug through my camera bag but could not find my Canon-computer USB cable. I suddenly envisioned it back home, plugged into my office computer. Carp! Amazingly, I found a suitable cable in the SLO desk. Saved my bacon...


Plate-solved the image. Identified the members.

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