Sunday, July 14, 2019

assisted at the DDO (Richmond Hill)

We had another awesome evening at the David Dunlap Observatory. Frank predicted clear skies and we got 'em!

We had lots of 'scopes on the lawn showing the Ring Nebula, the Apple Core, Albireo, Mizar & Alcor, Jupiter, Saturn, Titan, etc. I popped out to the lawn for a bit to enjoy the views. In the dome, fantastic views of Jupiter were offered. The Great Red Spot was visible and the moons were in a very interesting configuration.

Really enjoyed Alex's afocal iPhone shot of Jupiter through the 74-inch!

In the lecture hall Dr Rachael Alexandroff delivered (twice) an amazing talk on the Event Horizon Telescope project and the first direct imaging of a black hole, a very appropriate topic at the DDO.

We also hosted a young man as he proposed to his girlfriend in the dome. She said yes!

We had 16 hard-working volunteers. I was grateful for all their support.

Deployed the new table-talkers and mini-schedules, tried our new hand stamp, couched our new coordinator, tried another eyepiece shootout, tried a BNC adapter, and so on.

Overall, a very good event.

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