Monday, May 21, 2018

your monthly double stars

Issued my first double star "bulletin," a short list of suggested double and multi-star targets. I shared this on the RASC Toronto Centre forums. And I post here for all.


After delivering my double stars presentation (notes link, video link), I thought a periodic post with fun multi-star systems might be interesting.

Despite the full Moon phase approaching, you can still do lots of astronomy. Double stars punch through bright skies so you can observe them any time, anywhere!

Here’s a short selection of doubles from my life list, ones I find beautiful and impressive. I did not include terribly tight targets.

star also known as alternate catalogue
α (alpha) CVn Cor Caroli or Σ1692 SAO 63257
2 CVn SAO 44097
HD 115404 Com BU 800 SAO 100491
HD 105590 Crv Struve 1604 SAO 157111
γ (gamma) Vir Porrima or STF 1670 SAO 138917

Please consider adding these to your observing list. Doubles are fun, easy, sometimes challenging, interesting, colourful, and dynamic! I look forward to hearing how you did! Holler if you have any questions.

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