Friday, May 25, 2018

with home made Dob (Blue Mountains)

Headed out to the Observing Pad for a bit. Cloudy. Rhonda and I looked through Clay's home made 12.5" Dobsonian. It think this is the last one he built here. Painted black.

We looked at Jupiter for a while. All the moons lined up, 3 on one side. No red spot. No shadows. Good detail in the cloud bands, when the wind didn't shake the tube.

We looked at the Moon at medium high then super high power, "in low orbit." Found a neat oblong crater, an oblique hit.

ISS over CAO

I tried for Venus but it bashfully disappeared behind a cloud bank.

Everything had an orange or yellow cast. Smoke from Manitoba perhaps?

Lovely temperature.


Thanks to Jeff. Photograph of International Space Station used with permission. Rescaled. Copyright © 2018 Jeff Booth.

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