Saturday, May 26, 2018

completed our tasks

Helped at the spring work party at the CAO.

I was captain for Team Venus. We were charged with marking the holes for the auger at both the outrigger and gate locations, building the concrete outriggers for the imaging observatory, building the driveway gate, and repairing the east window in the Cygnus bedroom. With the rain delays and trouble with rocks at the outrigger auger locations, we handed the reins to another group to work on the gate while we concentrated on the outrigger posts. Due to the great teamwork, we finished our tasks.

looking for wires

I thank Rhonda, Richard, Joel, Phil, and Ted for their excellent hard work despite intense rain storms, hot and humid conditions, and hordes of black flies.

I thank Tony, Dietmar, and Phil for their support and guidance.

I thank our neighbour John for the real John Deere and auger.

And thanks to Thomas for the photos!

I thank Elaine and Tony for the awesome food.

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