Friday, May 18, 2018

found fast movers

I was diving deeper into the recent image of NGC 4388 as the frame size was bigger and I had thus entrapped a few more faint fuzzies.

I noted the pair of fuzzy blobs a bit north-east of the big spiral and after some primarily checks started to wonder what was going on. Then I "blinked" the four sets of images I had received from BGO, comparing the luminance, red, green, and blue data. This is when I found the pair of blobs to be moving!

animated presentation of region around NGC 4388

Animated GIF produced Photoshop CS2.

I estimate the lint balls are moving approximate 0.74 arc-seconds per minute of time. Moving roughly north at a position angle of 11°.

Doing more digging...


An artefact: the CCD is experiencing RBI.

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