Sunday, March 04, 2018

three in a row

I am not enjoying this. It looked like late last week that it was going to be relatively clear for a couple of nights in a row, possibly three. That was the first long run in a while--a sign we're retreating from the February blahs. Now the Moon was nearly full but I could have tackled some double stars. But the big problem was the wind. I saw predictions in the 40 and 50 km/h range. Ugh.

It'd be real nice to get another shot like this is the coming weeks...

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Anonymous said...

Ya the wind at the CAO was biting cold on Friday night but thankfully Saturday night it died down and was better for observing Venus, Mercury, messier objects, uranus, orion to name a few. Oh and solar observing. Great weekend and the moon was lovely! (Had to throw that in for you Blake! ;-) )