Monday, March 19, 2018

swapped the motors

Opened Nicole's Celestron CGEM mount with the intention of swapping the motors proper.

inside of Celestron CGEM mount

Removed the motor assemblies. Looks weird with nothing inside...

motors for Celestron CGEM mount

The RA assembly is on the left with sensor unit; the Dec assembly to the right.

Measured the exposed shaft on each drive. Removed the drive gears. Needed a 2mm hex for gears. There were 2 grubs on each brass gear.

Removed the support plate from each motor. Exchanged the entire motor, that is the motor, wiring harness, gearbox, etc. Really, I moved the mounting plates.

Completed the swap. Reinstalled the assemblies and buttoned up the mount. Fired it up. All's well. Did a simulated alignment. The RA and Dec drives sounded OK.

Readied for testing.

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