Monday, March 12, 2018

replaceable SLA

Wayne pinged me on Facebook. He wanted to know if I knew a source for batteries so that he could replace the dead lead-acid battery inside his MotoMaster Nautilus 800A power tank.

Canadian Tire had told him the battery was not replaceable. They told him he'd have to dispose the entire unit. "Unbelieveable!" Indeed. That was not right.

Before I had a chance to respond, he found my blog post on the teardown. He could clearly see that the sealed battery inside can be removed and replaced. I confirmed this.

I suggested Sayal might have an equivalent marine battery. I also suggested the "battery place" in Barrie—the name escaped me but Wayne found it: Total Battery. Unfortunately, they did not stock it. He was going to visit Sayal on Thursday. I also suggested Amazon.

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