Wednesday, March 21, 2018

imaged HD 82394 (Halifax)

It's been about 3 weeks. BGO imaged double star HD 82394 aka Burnham 909. Near the head of Leo. First stumbled across this double on 9 May '16 while at the CAO at which time I could not split it (with the N11). Tried again a couple of nights ago in the backyard (with the C8).

double-star HD 82394 in luminance

Luminance only, 1 second subexposures, 20 stacked shots. FITS Liberator, Paint. North is up; east is left.

I actually shot this differently than other images with 1 second luminance frames but 3 seconds for each colour channel. A 3:1 ratio...

Whoa. Tight. Challenging with the different magnitudes.

The WDS shows that BU 909 has (as of 2014) a position angle of 89 and a separation of 5.6. The stars are magnitudes 7.6 and 12.3. The fast exposure shows the faint companion to the left or east touching the bright primary.

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