Wednesday, March 14, 2018

reviewed anti-dew gear

Updated my trip master packing list and made a mini packing list for astronomy box δ's contents.
  • custom 12 volt direct current (VDC) power supply with 3 cigarette lighter adapter (CLA) plugs
  • Kendrick dew heaters or "wraps" (x2)
  • Kendrick Dew Remover System VI controller
  • heating pad sheet hacked with RCA plug 
  • cheapo LED dimmer adapted as a heater controller
  • coffee cup warmers (x2) with cords LA
  • DC-DC power adapters (x2)
  • 12 VDC hair dryer
  • AC-DC wall-wart transformer
  • plastic sleeves 
  • fuses, spares, various amps, sizes, and types
All in one of my old metal toolboxes.

Of course, in the field, this must be powered. I still have my four heavy working gel lead-acid batteries...

It is a little amazing to me all the accessories needed to combat dew at the telescope...

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