Tuesday, March 20, 2018

noticed a pattern!

After watching the repair video from Dakota Starry Nights, I analysed the faults with Nicole's Celestron CGEM mount and I found a most curious pattern! In many instances where I personally saw the mount freeze up or lock up in RA, the OTA was on the east side of the meridian and the counterweights were on the west.

date time link object azimuth altitude
7 Oct '16 16:30 post Sun 236 22
8 Oct '16 23:59 post Dumbbell 279 24
9 Oct '16 02:59 post NGC 7814244 46
17 Mar '18 00:40 post ψ5 Aur 302 32
18 Mar '18 21:54 post 42 Ori 247 16

The 7 Oct time is estimated. There are some other incidents but I am not sure where the mount was pointing at the time...

Now I'm aiming into this area to see if the problem re-emerges.

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