Sunday, December 03, 2017

what I was after

I explained the current/latest problem to Hristo. The OccultTools and Lunar Occ add-ins were not listing in the menu. So I could not run them. Sent a screen snap of the Add-ins menu and the app folder. I explained I was very interested in lunar occultations of double stars. That's why I wanted to add this capability to Occult Watcher. After running the MS debugging tool, I sent the captured log.

He said something odd. "Looking at the files in C:\Occult Watcher, it doesn't seem that this is a new installation." 'Cause I had most recently deleted and reinstalled everything on Friday.

Hristo gave me a sequence of steps to follow. He asked me to not change or rename any files in the "Occult Watcher" folder. I had only done that in one test. He asked me to change anything in the registry. I had never done that. If things were still wobbly, I'd need to send the logs again.


I just don't like the impression I get in these kind of situations from some software developers. It's not my fault. I didn't initially break this software. Maybe renaming some DLLs was problematic but it was for a very specific test. I didn't do it to break things. Why would I want to make things worse. And there was an assumption made that I was tinkering in the registry. I do not do so lightly ordinarily. And I didn't ever venture in for Occult Watcher.

Of late I have taken a conciliatory stance because I just want this software to work properly, as designed, as promised. I know that this developer is a volunteer. So demands of users can be perhaps daunting and overwhelming. I want to comply. But I also don't want to be treated poorly. I think the developer was getting frustrated and took a good approach, backing up a bit, regrouping. Let's get this sorted.

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