Tuesday, December 19, 2017

to and fro (Bradford)

Rhonda and I jumped in the car to do some errands. I craned up to see stars. What?! It was somewhat clear suddenly.

As we headed west to Bond Head, I noticed a bright star to the north-west. Right! Vega! Jammed my noggin to the passenger window, I could see bits of Cygnus. The Summer Triangle was almost gone. Rhonda quoted her funny device to remember the star names.

We passed the Bond Head Market ("How fresh are you heads today?"), arrived the wildly decorated house, and tuned into 88.1. Wild.

Eastbound, I took in Orion and Sirius. The Winter Football was rising. Eww. Bad seeing well up into the sky with Betelgeuse and Bellatrix shimmering.

Barely any stars were visible from the big box parking lot.

Clouds here and there. And windy when we disembarked.

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