Sunday, December 03, 2017

test of polar scope

Headed to the back yard.

I couldn't see Polaris in the little scope. Oops. Forgot to open the shutter on the camera. Still couldn't see anything. Aimed to the full Moon. Ah ha! Played with the exposure setting in the AMcap software. But couldn't seem to stop it from being washed out. Moving the slider to the left increased the exposure value. Heading to Polaris again. Nothing. Went to Vega and saw the star. Shone my red flashlight in to see the reticule.

screen snapshot of test through polar scope

OK. So it works. The Logitech webcam attached to the Vixen polar axis scope. I was very happy the star was relatively in focus. But I need better software to give me more control of the camera. I want better exposure control. And a gamma control.

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