Sunday, August 07, 2016

stood in awe

We visited the Petroglyphs Provincial Park. I was quite moved by the whole event. Glad I went.

I liked the colours associated with the cardinal point directions: yellow for east, red for south, black for west, and white for north. I was intrigued by the medicine wheel.

I enjoyed the story of the angry turtle and how Nanabush used powerful magic to turn the splash of water from its tail into the Milky Way.

The carvings at Kinomagewapkong were incredible. From remarkably realistic to eerily fantastic. I tried to imagine the shaman, the elders, the chosen youth at this sacred place, listening to the spirits below the white marble, sharing their knowledge and wisdom, and adding to glyphs for future generations.

The holistic lifestyle is very inspiring. Everything is connected. The sky, the Moon, the Earth, the water, the land, animals, us. Balance must be maintained. We must share.

What struck me the most perhaps was the remark: "nothing belongs to you."


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