Friday, August 19, 2016

shot The Veil again (Halifax)

All right. Clear in Halifax! The Burke Gaffney telescope started imaging for me. First up was a re-shoot of the lower portion of the Eastern [ed: Correction! Western!] Veil Nebula.

This time I used the star TYC 2687 02620 1 as the centre point target. Unfortunately, a satellite wandered through the luminance data. The O-III still does not appear positioned where I want... Seems to be the same 7 August. I think I'll not fight this any more.

RASC Finest NGC portion East Veil O-III filter

Oxygen-III only, 60 seconds subexposures, 10 stacked shots. FITS Liberator, GIMP. North is up; left is east.


NGC 6960. Caldwell 34.

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