Saturday, August 27, 2016

checked CGEM

Had a go at Nicole's mount. The old Celestron CGEM has been giving her grief.

Powered it up with my PSU supply, ran through the alignment, slewed to a target, and let it sit. It did not seem to be tracking. Later when I bumped it, it whirred and moved! Just the signature she had described. Weird.

Tore it down. Removed the side panel.

Inspected the motor mounting positions. No change from when I had last touched it. Good.

Removed the CR 2025 battery, as I had intended. Tested the voltage. Seemed OK.

Removed the circuit board from the panel. Closely inspected it for damage. No blown integrated circuits. No leaking capacitors. Just the solder flux everywhere. Reinstalled.

Fired it up again and let it track. Periodically tapped and bumped it.

Periodically photographed it.

Celestron CGEM equatorial mount being tested

5:57 PM.

Celestron CGEM equatorial mount being tested - 1 hour later


Celestron CGEM equatorial mount being tested - 2 hours in


Celestron CGEM equatorial mount being tested - working


Damn thing seemed to work fine now.

Nicole was very happy. But I don't fancy that kind of repair. That's hocus pocus. Still, was something kludged inside the circuit board? Did removing it from external and internal power make it reset? Or was it a bad connection?

I suggested more testing. A different hand controller would help us isolate the problem. Worst-case scenario is that we discover the mount PCB is wobbly.

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