Wednesday, August 03, 2016

noted an empty queue

Jumped into the Twitter feed for BGO. Saw that it was working. But then I noted a new message...
At 23:47:48 #bgosays My observation queue is empty or nothing can be observed now - waiting for live requests for 89.8 minutes!
I thought that very odd. Fired in a new request (without height restriction) and it was immediately picked up:
At 00:03:22 #bgosays A special observation of NGC6995 (ID 1613) for Blake Nancarrow is starting...
Huh. Is it something to do with my minalt= parameter?!


Perhaps, for me, the operative phrase is "or nothing can be observed now..." OK. Did some checking with my queued items.

NGC 7789. I put a 60° minimum altitude option on it. It was below this. It won't rise above 60 until around 1:30 AM ADT.

NGC 7662. 65 degree limit. Currently around 53. Also won't reach the minimum until 1:30-ish.

NGC 185. 50 degrees. Currently 43½. Will reach min. around 1:05...

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