Sunday, August 14, 2016

listened in to SpaceX

Heard the SpaceX webcast from Florida.

Left a browser window open as I crawled into bed. Around 1:30 AM, I woke and heard the feed start up. But stayed in bed.

Heard the successful launch and MECO. Then I listened to the group monitoring the stage 1 landing and the ruckus as their video feed cut out. The quick recovery by the people reminding all that the focus was on the primary mission. And then the incredible outburst which I can only presume was the reacquisition of the video from the barge with an upright cooling rocket! Surprise, whoops, and cheers. 1:37.

Funny to only participate by audio. And then 15 or 20 minutes later another milestone as they achieved the parking orbit for the Japanese video/data satellite.

Congrats, SpaceX.

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