Thursday, March 24, 2016

sorted a fuzzy

Noticed it before, but today, on deep-diving into the SA 104 image, I looked closely again at the area around the star J124345.2-002116. To me it looked like there was a fuzzy.

Tried plate-solving the image on (link).

photograph plated-solved at

It did not go very deep. Ah. What's that green line? The constellation line?!

Tried Aladin Lite, the online (limited) tool. When I switched to SDSS9 mode, it popped (link).

photograph from Aladin of target fuzzy

My immediate impression was that there were old elliptical galaxies here...

Went into Simbad and punched up the location (link). Interesting: two objects noted within a 2 arcmin area.

screen grab from Aladin showing 2 objects in area

The first was a G class star at mag 15.6. But the second one... Very interesting. Much further away, curious name, curious type... When I clicked the link, I landed at a page describing a Seyfert 1 Galaxy. Ah ha.

Took a quick look at the Astrometrica web site but couldn't tell if it might work. Didn't feel like downloading more software... Wanted more info so I turned to Greg.

He did some digging and shared a screen snapshot. He said it was LEDA 3111069, Hubble type E, nearly face on.

I looked it up in HyperLeda. Confirmed.

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