Wednesday, March 30, 2016

reached new limits

I updated my magnitude limit life list tonight. Hadn't touched it for a while. Also switched it to reverse chronological order. Just makes more sense, the recent items at the top.

Added some notable entries...

Hit magnitude 16.0 with Ian's 20" Dobsonian on the Blue Mountains last July as we searched for quasar 3C 332. That's the faintest I have gone visually in a telescope.

With the Burke-Gaffney Observatory in Halifax, using the Planewave CDK24 and Apogee Aspen CG16M CCD camera, in a 180 second image, I spotted quasar F861:066 at magnitude 19.2. That utterly smashes all my past photographic limits.

And I'm very happy that my new backyard is one full magnitude darker than what I was ever able to see, naked eye, in the city...

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