Sunday, March 27, 2016

retrieved data on 3521 (Halifax)

Downloaded my red exposure of NGC 3521 (in Leo). For the RASC Finest. This will complement the luminance from the 24th.

red filter photograph of galaxy NGC 3521

300 seconds. Minimum altitude 40° applied. Shot at 26 Mar 2016 23:33 local time (ADT). According to SkyTools the true altitude was almost 45 and so the airmass was 1.4. The distance from the silly Moon was 59°.

Grabbed the weather data from WU between 11:31 and 11:36 PM. Temperature was 2.5°C, the dew point 0.2, the humidity 85%, and the air pressure 994.1 hPa. The wind shifted. South at 3.2 km/h gusting to 4.8; south-west at 4.8 gusting to 11.3.

The SQM was showing 19.0 Mag/Square Arc Sec. Wow.

Checked the Clear Sky Chart. Cloud: 10, clear; transparency: 3, average; seeing ranged from 2 to 3 out of 5, poor to average. The Moon altitude ranged from -1 to 6.

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