Thursday, March 31, 2016

looked into maker groups

Had a thought. Perhaps joining a maker group might be helpful for me, for large 3D printing projects in particular.

Took a look at the YLab sites. My very first impression is that they seem elitist. They have an open house coming up. They say, "If we like you, you can get a trial membership." Asked for membership rates via Facebook. That's because their instructions for access the "full membership zip" seem incorrect. But they say, "If you have a problem doing that... well, you're probably not member material." Wow. Maybe I'm not the right person.

It seems you have to join the meetup online group to see the detailed membership information. Why?

I can appreciate a maker group wants to find new members who will contribute and volunteer. I can understand if there's a probationary period. YLab is not very welcoming though.

Wondered about something north of me. Found the SimCoLab group. They have a review process but they sounded reasonable about it. They want to make sure it's a good fit for all. Found rate information on their main site: $50/month for the full deal. I could not tell what that rates gives access to clearly so I'll have to dig deeper.


Oh. NewMakeIt is close...

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