Friday, March 25, 2016

quick look from the backyard (Bradford)

Had a quick look up from the backyard, outside. Clouds. Boo. But overhead I could see the Twins. To the south-east, bright Jupiter underneath Leo. I could see all the stars in the Sickle, including Algenubi (ε), Rasalas (μ), Adhafera (ζ), Algieba (γ), Al'dzhabkhakh (η), and Regulus (α), of course. And in the rump, Zosma (δ), Chertan (θ), and Denebola (β). Rasalas is the faintest at magnitude 3.85. That was after a couple of minutes so not truly dark adapted.

Kept fighting. Wanted to take advantage of the conditions; but I was feeling lazy and tired. Nearly frickin' full Moon would be rising soon...

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