Sunday, September 21, 2014

worked on LX 200

Did some Meade LX 200 repair work. Ian D's rig.

Installed a new capacitor on the power board, C1 position, replacing the old tantalum with a 10μF 63V electrolytic. Worried about clearances so I laid the cap down. Reattached the voltage regulator. Reconnected the big cap on the bottom.

Swapped the C2 cap on the hand controller circuit board. Laid this one down too. Lots of room here.  Buttoned up the hand controller casing. Hope I got the ALT LED polarity right...

Swapped the C8 cap on the main board. Crowded here.

Installed a new in-line fuse holder inside the power supply. This will make it easier to swap a blown fuse in the future. Loaded in a 5A 250V fast-blow. Similarly, loaded the same fuse type in the power cord extension. Buttoned up the power supply. Tested it directly—and with the extension: 22 to 23 VDC unloaded.

Ready for phase 2, up at the CAO: swapping the C1 capacitor on each motor board.

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