Friday, September 19, 2014

dark overhead


At times, when under a tree, near a burnt out street light, it was dark...

A couple of bright stars overhead.

I spotted Cassiopeia at one point, with effort.

I've been monitoring the CSAC emails.

The walk home, extended, having missing my stop, somehow, partly because of the giggling high school dicks punking us all on the sardine bus, gave me a chance to take in the skies. No clouds now. But still hard to see anything. Light-pollution-unaware people all along Allanhurst Drive. Silly, all these lights, to illuminate their lowly ranch houses. Dick-waving. Competition. Oh, mine is better than yours. Just stop it. You're as bad as the teenagers.

I very briefly considering driving up to the park. But then, the weather reports came to mind. Why would I go such a long way to set up a tent in the rain? Yeah. That'd be a little crazy. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a random thought, an idea, something I had not considered at all: the CAO! What about jumping in the car and heading to the Blue Mountains. Far closer. Would  not have to tent. Why not? Why not?!

Too late... It was already after 8:30. A good portion of Friday night, the best night weather-wise, would be gone. The more-important issue: I likely would not be able to stay awake.

Tired, after a intense, stressful week. Good stress, overall. Busy. Regardless, it was draining. Long days. Lots of brain energy. And I've felt it the last few days. Going to bed earlier each night. Trouble focusing. Last night, 10:30, and I could barely move. Hopefully, I will recoil a little, acclimate.

I so want to put the telescope up in the back yard. Somehow, I sense this new neighbourhood is rather dark. And I think I'll be able to see more sky than Evelyn, Colbeck, or Byford. Darker. Better angles. That would be good. And, I'm anxious to test the Vixen. Maybe next week?

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