Sunday, September 21, 2014

watched MAVEN make orbit

Watched the MAVEN Mars orbit insertion after a 10 year trip. A 33 minute burn.

The data rate from the craft, without the high-gain antenna, was 40 bits per second. Painfully slow. A lot of people were watching the Doppler shift so to gauge the speed differential.

Ha ha. The chair, Mat Kaplan, at the Planetary Society was wearing a Marvin the Martian tie! Emily Lakdawalla, senior editor, was present, monitoring Twitter. Rich Zurich was on hand. Bruce Betts, planetary scientist and Director of Projects, was on the panel. Bill Nye, the Science Guy, also the CEO of the Planetary Society, chimed in from NYC. Ha ha. Bill showed a Canadian $5 note with the CanadArm.

I also watched the NASA feed via Spaceflight Now.

They did it. In orbit. Congrats.

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