Wednesday, September 10, 2014

enjoyed the evening

Enjoy tonight's recreational astronomy night meeting. And that's not just because some of my photos were featured.

Learned from Tom about the recently relocated mirrors—in fact, they're blanks. Helped set up RASC signs once security let us in the OSC. Gave Knox his toque, the one he won at the Star-B-Q. Shared Porco's Starfest fumble with Canadian winter hats. Said hello to Jacek. Chatted briefly with Bill and Phil. Chris's The Sky This Month was very informative, as usual. I made a few notes. Mr Mortfield talked about radio astronomy and "listening" to the Sun (indirectly). Guy talked about a new light pollution problem in Frontenac county. Put out the petition for people to sign. Steve shared anecdotes and photos from the Algonquin Radio Observatory trip. He showed the Optimism motivational (spoof) poster I made. Ha ha. Acknowledged Ms Carr's efforts at setting up the ARO event. Then Paul returned to the lectern, in Charles's absence, to relay the usual announcements.

I noticed Tony distributing St Johns Ambulance certificates. I don't know where mine's gone. Gave some suggested exposure settings to Al for capturing the Milky Way with a kit lens on a DSLR. Chatted with Mike about his damaged Celestron power board. Chatted with Chris about his "damaged" 8SE. Which he know says slews fine but doesn't track. I was left confused.

Tony and I headed to the pub. Caught up with Guy. Showed CAO roof photos. Chatted with Eric about telescope repair. He introduced me to Norah. Learned that Paul has been a member for a long time.

Rainy night, for a change.

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