Friday, September 05, 2014

parts run

Visited electronics alley in Mississauga.

Picked up 10 electrolytic capacitors for Ian D's LX 200 mount. 10μF 63V 85°C. Higher volts than the current tantalums. They are 5x11mm in size.

Chose a 6x35mm in-line fuse holder to replace the blown assembly in Ian's power supply. This will facilitate easy changes in the future. And some 5A 250V fuses, of course.

Picked up 2-wire and 4-wire female connectors for George's ETX-125 EC mount. Will replace the missing ones. Raw elements. I'll have to crimp each wire myself. I had hoped to find a pre-wired kit.

Picked up a large outdoor thermometer for the CAO. For the back step. Glass; not bimetallic.

Stumbled across a small tether kit, ready-to-go. With carabiner. How about that. I'll donate that to the CAO for the C14 or TV101, for people rigging up cameras. Handy!

Picked up some more (clone) red Velcro one-wraps.

Priced 20aH sealed lead acid batteries for Nicole. Sayal wanted $80! AA Electronics: $50.

Overall a good run. But I could not find the LED light bars I had seen in the past. Looked in every aisle. Asked three staff. Unfortunately, for Wayne, we'll have to try a different route...

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