Saturday, September 06, 2014


Clear. Beautifully clear. And. Of course. A full Moon. Or nearly full. The rising before sunset. I didn't really feel like "fighting" tonight. Struggling with the light. Hadn't I done that, the last time I was up? Besides, the CSC said the seeing would be poor. So double star observing, normally Moon-resistant, would be thwarted.

No one else felt like going out. Phil was already asleep on the big couch. Lora surfing, madly. Grace gaming. Tony trying to figure out his Android. Pretty low key. Pretty quiet. This time, I needed a nudge. And no one nudged. Then I thought, to hell with it. What am I doing? Go to bed. I was tired. Physically. And just didn't have the mental energy to operate an observatory.

Others can Observe the Moon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey - 5 days of me without internet is equivalent to 5 days for you without coffee!!!