Sunday, June 16, 2013

storm witnessed

Was back home, after photographing the old house, after an uneventful drive, on the computer, logged into Facebook. Bill, in Sudbury, getting primed for the next SNO LAB tour. He noted that it would be good to go underground. Tangentially referred to the severe weather advisories. That's when Risa asked Phil and I if she should be worried at the CAO. I loaded up some weather pages and proceeded to watch a violent storm track toward her (along with another headed straight toward London). I warned her about the emergency radio. We had her close the windows. She ran about the house and property taking photos and video. The Facebook photo album contains some wild shots. She also captured lightning. No tornadoes. Power didn't go out. Still, I was so jealous.


No twisters for my sister, bro, or mother. Whew.

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