Friday, June 28, 2013

portable long-run photography rig

Started to noodle on exactly what is required to operate the DSLR camera for an extended time—in the field—for time lapse or star trails. It felt rather complicated not owning an intervalometer...

But when I finished the sketch, I realised that almost all the stuff would still be needed! In fact, having a computer offered a number of advantages, including a large screen, and a large amount of storage! Huh.

A Canon 40D wants (as per these notes) between 7.5 and 8.2 volts with a peak capacity of 1400 amps. Sealed Lead Acid battery is up for the task. But I don't have a step-down buck transformer with enough power. So that's the missing link right now. I could rely on the grip with dual batteries; or get out the inverter and stock DC coupler.

And, of course, one will likely need to heat the lens. So a dew wrap and controller is needed.

In lieu of an intervalometer, the computer is needed, running EOS Utility. The ASUS netbook can be powered off 12 volts. So off a lead-acid battery. Directly. And I've already hacked that cable.

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