Sunday, June 30, 2013

recommended accessories

Sharmin has a new camera. A real camera. A DSLR.

She got lots of advice, pointers, tips, etc. from Dietmar, Phil, and I.

Later in the evening as she shopped online, on Amazon, and eBay, she asked me for some help with accessories. Like a big memory card! Or two.

Again, I recommended a UV or skylight filter, so to protect the lens. From damage, scratches. And dust.

We discussed an intervalometer order. I suggested it didn't really matter where she got it from, that they were probably all made at the same Chinese factory, just branded differently.

We also discussed a t-ring. Later I showed her my t-ring, SCT t-adapter, and 2" nose piece. Maybe a 1¼" too.

She also wants a nice case. Slippery slope. 

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